Alice Lomakina

Alice works in dotwork, graphics, completely black-and-white tattoos or tattoos with color accents. She is also good with miniature tattoos. If you want a really unique sketch, she is the right artist to come to, as she draws sketches by hand and in special programs. She started tattooing because of her love for drawing, art […]

Eugene Chystiakov

Eugene has an arts education, draws sketches and prepares his own tattoo projects. A graduate from our Tattoo School, since the first lesson he showed great results. Now Eugene developed his own style and brings brightness and color to our world. His distinctive feature – everything has to be done perfectly and with a style.

Denis Ivanchuk

Tattoo artist Graphics, Old school, Dotwork. Has 8 years of tattooing experience. Since 2017 Denis is a part of «Planeta Tattoo» team. Denis made his first tattoos for himself, his friends and acquaintances, and this hobby turned into a professional activity. Hard work on sketches and on your favorite work. Tattoo artist is of positive […]

Olga Kanarskaya

Permanent make-up and piercing artist and laser tattoo removal master Olga has a medical degree and finished courses of permanent make up and piercing courses at the Tattoo School and started working as an artist in our studio. Annually Olga attends different permanent make up masterclasses and masters her skills. “A Good artist is defined by […]

Kirill Mamay

Tattoo artist Graphic tattoo, geometric tattoo and old school He got interested in tattoo art since he got his first tattoo. One idea after another, less and less free space on his body, Kyrylo understood he needs to move to another level. His tattoo art education and he received with a professional tattoo artist in […]

Stepan Levsha

Lead tattoo artist Realism, Black & Gray, Color tattoo, Dotwork, graphics. Tattoo artist Stepan Levsha is like older brother, and an example for the whole team «Planeta Tattoo» Podil. He began his journey from childhood, practiced a lot in drawing. Then he picked up a tattoo machine and by trial and mistakes, the tattoo artist […]

Dasha Soldatenko

Lead tattoo artist Graphics, ornamental tattoo, Old School. Dasha has an artistic education but more she likes to “write” her paintings on human bodies. Dasha is a graduate of our Tattoo School. Her friends let her tattoo them for practice and from the beginning Dasha impressed everyone with her results. Very soon she became the […]