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How to choose a tattoo?

First of all, it should be noted that the shape and size of the tattoo depends on the place where it should be applied. The overall shape of the tattoo should correspond to the anatomy of the body, that is, repeat the outlines of this area of ​​the body. The size of the tattoo should not be too large or too small, the tattoo should be in harmony on the body and look aesthetically beautiful.

The tattoo artists of our studio will help you to decide on a sketch or concept of a future tattoo, or perform a sketch individually for you. Consultation in our studio is free.

Tattoo application process

The process of tattooing is the introduction under the skin of various dyes that are absorbed by the cells by macrophages. Further than the subcutaneous layer, the pigment does not spread, and all life is inside the cells. With the observance of sanitary and hygienic norms, this process is absolutely safe for human health.

Our studio uses professional pigments from leading manufacturers, such as Eternal Ink, Intenze, Dynamic, Nocturnal, which allows us to achieve a high contrast of the pattern when working.

It is important to note that the studio uses only disposable materials and follows the rules of asepsis, disinfection and sanitary-epidemiological norms. Immediately before each tattooing session, the indoor air is disinfected with a quartz lamp. Applied needles, nozzles, containers and tattoo colors in our studio are disposable and sterile! The working surfaces are covered with foil, all equipment is in barrier protection. The tattoo artist works in disposable gloves.

Before starting a tattooing session, the tattoo artist talks with the client, selects a sketch for the tattoo based on the client’s wishes. The visitor can view the portfolio of tattoo designs on various topics made by tattoo artists of our studio.

Then the sketch of the tattoo is transferred through a special transfer paper to the body. The area of ​​skin where the tattoo will be applied is treated with an antiseptic, hair is removed if it is necessary. The time of tattooing depends on the size, complexity of the picture and the number of colors of the tattoo. A small tattoo of average complexity, takes about 2-3 hours.

The tattoo artists of our studio work exclusively with modern equipment. This prevents skin from being too deeply injured and ensures that pigment particles are evenly applied to the skin. A tattoo machine is an electrical device that brings the needle into a vertical translational motion, the machine works at a speed of up to several thousand shots per minute, which allows you to apply smooth lines. Piercing is most often felt as tickling or light scratching, more painful places are ribs, skin over bones, chest, back, etc. At the end of the procedure, a special healing cream is applied to the place of application of the tattoo and a protective film is applied, or the healing film is glued.

Recommendations for care for tattoo

A professionally done tattoo is not dangerous for health, and does not cause any complications. There are two ways to care for a tattoo, a classic with the use of a wound-healing cream and a bandage from a cling film, and healing with the use of a special healing film that is glued for 4-5 days. More detailed instructions for the care of a tattoo will tell you the tattoo artist and manager of the studio.

The healing period is usually 7-10 days, depending on the individual characteristics of the body and the size of the tattoo. Full skin recovery takes about 20-30 days.

After the tattoo has healed, in rare cases it becomes necessary to correct the picture, since gaps in the image may appear in the healing process, in these cases the tattoo is corrected. Correction of the tattoo done in our studio in coordination with the tattoo artist.

Age restrictions

To get a tattoo in the studio «Planeta Tattoo» you must be at least 18 years old. The services of tattoo artists are provided to minors ONLY with the permission of a parent or official guardian, as well as in their presence and written permission. Providing services to minors without parental consent is illegal. In the absence of parents or an official guardian, we will be forced to refuse services to minors.


  • Tattoo 1 hour work 55$
  • Tattoo 1 hour work top master 65$