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Piercing (Eng. Piercing — «puncture») — one of the forms of body modifications, the creation of a puncture, which are jewelry.

Nowadays, the progress and constant change of fashion is very popular piercing — lips, eyebrows, ears, and many more different places on the human body. Scientists have been long time struggling unsuccessfully over the mystery of what exactly encourages people to pierce their bodies, trying to find a scientific explanation for this. According to statistics, in most cases teenagers prefer to do punctures, but also adult men and women do not bypass the piercing salon in Kiev «Planeta Tattoo». If you ask them why they pierce their body, then you can only hear unintelligible answers, personal motives, but no facts. But in fact, there is the only correct answer to this question — the genes of man are to blame. The habit of piercing the tongue and other parts of the body originates from ancient times. This habit is on a par with scarring — making cuts that leave scars on the body in order to highlight their masculinity and courage. The same with piercings — women pierced their nipples to emphasize their beauty; men did piercing of the nose to show their courage and contempt for pain. It is worth noting that at that time there were no teachings or beliefs to justify such an action or give it meaning. Everything was done on reflexes. Also important is the fact that it was necessary to earn the opportunity to get an eyebrow or nose piercing, blood, courage or diligence.

It was the prerogative of the strong in spirit and the brave, it was precisely these women who looked, or men, depending on gender.

In our time, the situation is repeated. Everyone pays attention to a man walking down the street who is decorated with a piercing. Some with interest, some with conviction, but everyone pays attention. Soviet education inspired people to not differ from others, and also that piercing is incompatible with “ordinary” life. But after all it is impossible to fight with instincts, therefore people look, and think about how it would be nice to make the same decoration for yourself

Precautions if you want to do a piercing

Do not forget that while piercing your body, an inexperienced master can easily hook on a nerve or fall into the wrong spot. Results can be varied. Therefore, you should contact only professionals who have been working in this field for a long time and know their business by heart.

Studio «Planeta Tattoo» for a long time is on the market for these services, and as soon as a person has a desire to get pierced, then any resident of the city will send him to us. Our professionals will make you any piercing, absolutely all parts of the body. Moreover, the prices for piercing in «Planeta Tattoo» are democratic.

In addition to the piercing service itself, our specialists will provide you with high-quality advice on caring for your puncture. After all, this is a very important part of the process, if you don’t care for your “new dress” qualitatively and correctly, you can get suppuration, and then you have to repeat the piercing process again.

Contact «Planeta Tattoo», make your body a temple of beauty and pleasure.

Age restrictions

To get a piercing in the studio «Planeta Tattoo» you must be at least 18 years old. The services of piercing are provided to minors ONLY with the permission of a parent or official guardian, as well as in their presence and written permission. Providing services to minors without parental consent is illegal. In the absence of parents or an official guardian, we will be forced to refuse services to minors.


  • Piercing (earlobe, cartilage) (1 puncture without decoration) 20$
  • Piercing (tragus, nose, eyebrow, tongue, navel) 20$
  • Extreme piercing 20$