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Permanent makeup

A modern permanent tattoo does wonders with the face of a woman, turning problem features into beautiful features that emphasize the external attractive charm of girls. However, this method of tattooing does not harm the health. The applied pigment is of natural origin, and is absorbed by the body over time. However, he will keep the image for three or four years, depending on your choice.

To «update» your features, it is enough to make one of these tattoo images — permanent tattoo of eyebrows, lips, eyelids, eyelashes.

It is worth noting that all of these types of tattoo should be done only by professional, as an amateur can very easily realize the opposite effect of beauty. Professionals of «Planeta Tattoo» have a great experience in correcting blemishes with a tattoo that the so-called “artists” constantly admit. Curved lip contour, eyebrows of different shapes, or the effects of blue with pigment leaks — this is not a complete list of the shortcomings that our experts had to correct. Be careful — trust only professionals in their field, with a large amount of experience behind their backs.

Tattoo of eyebrows, eyelids, lips and eyelashes. Preventive measures and correction.

If you come to «Planeta Tattoo» for a tattoo, any of our professional will immediately warn you that the applied makeup needs correction. The fact is that during work with the machine, the upper layer of the skin is damaged, that is, a small wound is applied. Because of this, many inaccuracies cannot be seen immediately, so a month after the procedure you will have to come to our salon for correction. Only then can professional bring the matter to the end, completing your updated image.

If for some reason you cannot visit the salon a month later, permanent tattooing can lose its color and become faded. In this case, you will have to go through the procedure of updating the makeup, and this work will cost a little more. Therefore, it makes no sense to delay with the correction, but it is better to immediately bring your style to the final end.


  • Permanent make-up: lips with full shading 100$
  • Permanent make-up: lips contour with slight feathering 80$
  • Permanent makeup: lips full shading 100$
  • Permanent Makeup: Eyebrow Hair Technique 80$
  • Permanent makeup: eyebrows full shading 80$
  • Permanent makeup: eyebrows powder spraying 100$
  • Permanent makeup: eyebrows, hair + powder spraying 100$
  • Permanent make-up: eyelid intercostal space 80$
  • Permanent make-up: eyelids interstitial space + arrow 100$
  • Permanent Makeup: Microblading 80$
  • Permanent Makeup: Front Sight 20$
  • Permanent makeup correction (1 to 6 months after healing) 20$
  • Correction of permanent makeup (more than 6 months after healing) 35$
  • Laser permanent makeup removal 1 session 20$