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Laser removal

Various methods of tattoo removal have been known since ancient times, and modern medicine is constantly being improved in this direction. Most of the techniques are based on removing a piece of skin along with a tattoo: these are simpler — such as pumice, sandpaper, burning out with a cigarette, manganese, and more complex — electrocoagulation, cryosurgery, cutting off a section of skin, laser polishing, burning with acid, etc. All these procedures are not very pleasant and painful and lead to the formation of scars, while damaging the deeper layer of the skin dermis.

Complete removal of most tattoos requires 10 sessions and more. The exact number of sessions the artist can tell you after the third session. It should be noted that it takes more sessions to remove color pigments.

Removal of permanent makeup requires 5 and more sessions.

Depending on your goal the number of sessions can be different. To lighten the tattoo and cover it with a new one you may need 3-5 sessions.

Our artists can give you more detailed information on a free consultation in our studio

Laser tattoo removal

Today, it is quite possible to remove the tattoo without a trace with the help of a special laser tattoo removal device. Our studio is pleased to offer you, our services, to remove tattoos using neodymium laser technology «Q-SWITCH». This type of laser removes tattoos without scars.

For the complete removal of most tattoos requires from 3 to 6 sessions. For the removal of large areas of tattoos may require more than 10 sessions. For removal or correction of permanent tattoo usually 1-2 sessions are enough.

What is removed tattoo?

We use professional devices with technology «Q-SWITCH». Black, gray, and generally dark pigments react to the radiation of a device with a wavelength of 1064 nm, and green and red pigments to a pulse of 532 nm. Laser tattoo removal is based on the property of light pulses to selectively affect the pigment in the skin. The wavelength and frequency of the pulses of the beam allow, without damaging the outer cover, to split the granules of the dye in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin into microparticles. The molecular structure of the pigment is destroyed, causing the pigment granules to explode, forming the smallest pigment fragments. These small particles of pigment are absorbed by macrophage cells and excreted from the body through the lymphatic system (within 4-6 weeks). At the same time, there is no damage to the healthy tissue surrounding the tattoo. The tattoo turns pale almost on the eyes, from the session to the session, and in its place remains healthy, smooth skin, and this is how the tattoo is removed. The painfulness of a laser tattoo removal procedure is much less than the process of applying a pattern to the skin. You will only feel a slight burning or tingling sensation in the area affected by the laser. This procedure does not require anesthesia.


  • Laser tattoo removal 25$