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First tattoo

How to prepare for your first tattoo?

First of all, don’t worry! Before the session get some sleep, eat well and come in a good mood.

How to prepare a design?

The best way is to come on a free consultation, choose the best place and size for your tattoo and make sure you like everything. If you can’t come on a consultation, all final preparations can be done directly before the session.

  • Don’t do the tattoo before or after your holidays at sea. After the tattoo is done, it is forbidden to swim in seas, oceans, lakes and rivers and get sunbaths for 30 days. After the holidays it’s harder to work on tanned skin, so wait for the tan to fade away.
  • You can cover liver spots and scars that are 2 years and older. It’s forbidden to cover moles and birthmarks.

How artist transfers the design on your body?

The artist uses special transfer paper to put your design on your skin. Some tattoos artists do the design “freehand” by drawing directly on you.

How long the session lasts?

It depends on the design. If the tattoo is small, but detailed it will take more time. If the tattoo is big, but not very much detailed, it will take less time.

What about the aftercare?

Tattoo artist makes 50% of a good tattoo and the other 50% is your aftercare. That’s why you need to follow your artist’s or studios’ recommendations.

The most important things:

  • One week after the tattoo avoid physical activities. One month after the session it’s forbidden to use solariums, baths, saunas, swimming pools and lakes, rivers, salt water as well.
  • After you take off the protective film, wash the tattoo with liquid soap twice a day, dry it with paper towels and use Easy Tattoo cream. DON’T use regular towels to avoid fibers getting in the fresh tattoo.
  • Avoid direct UV rays (remember, direct UV rays harm your tattoo always, not just during healing period).
  • If you have crusts on your tattoo, don’t touch them and don’t scratch the tattoo.

Is it painful?

Small tattoos are not painful. Sessions more than 3 hours can cause a sense of discomfort, though the pain is bearable. We don’t usually use anesthetics as they can affect the healing process.

Some body parts are more painful to tattoo. This scheme shows them in red color

Popular questions:

If you feel sick stay home, take some medicine and make an appointment when you feel better.

You can cover liver spots with tattoo, but not birthmarks.

You can’t cover moles with tattoos.

Scars can be tattooed over in case they are 2 years or older.

Menstruation makes the process more painful. If you feel weak on your period you should reschedule your session.